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About This Quick Start

Also available in BRF Format.

This quick start guide familiarizes you with Book Port DT's button layout, basic functionality, and initial start up procedure. The device features dozens of interesting functions that are not described here. For complete operating instructions, see the Book Port DT User's Guide by holding the Play key or at https://tech.aph.org/bpdt_info.htm.


Place Book Port DT on a flat surface with the keys facing up. The front edge is the narrowest; orient the device so the narrow side is closest to your body.

Book Port Desk Top Orientation

AC Charger Jack

The AC power jack is located on the back surface in the middle.

AC Charger Jack

AC Power Charger

AC Power Charger

Turn On

To turn on the player, locate the Power button. To find it, notice the three buttons along the right side of the face. The one closest to the back of the device is a Sleep Timer. It is small and slightly raised from the surface. The one closest to the front of the machine is the Record button. The Power button is between Sleep Timer and Record. It is large and recessed. Press and hold it for about two seconds to turn on the player. It responds with a tone and a "Please Wait" message.

The first time you turn on Book Port DT, it must boot up. This can take several seconds. When it finishes the boot process, it shows the Title list where you may select a book to read. After this initial start up, subsequent startup times are much shorter.

To play a title, press the Play key. Play is the large rectangular button close to the front edge. Press Play again to stop.

The buttons on the front face are as follows:

Buttons on the face

The Play key starts and stops playback. Press and hold it to open the user's guide.

The Rewind and Fast Forward keys flank the Play key. They are smaller than the Play key and oval shaped. These buttons rewind or fast forward through a title's content. Hold one of them to more move quickly through the content in the desired direction.

Media Types in the user's guide for more information.

The Volume and Tone keys are closer to the back of the device toward the left side. Each of them is oriented vertically and actually includes two buttons--one to adjust up, and one to adjust down. Press them together to reset to the default tone or volume.

Left Side

SD Card Slot

SD Card Slot

The SD card slot is located on the left side of the device toward the front. Place the SD card into the slot with the connecting fingers pointed down. Push in until you feel a spring resistance, then push further. The device grabs the card and locks it into place.

To remove the card, press in on the card in till the lock releases and the card slightly pops out, then pull the card out the rest of the way by grasping it between your fingers and pulling away from the device.

Headphone and Microphone Jacks

The headphone and microphone jacks are located on the left side about half way back from the front. The headphone jack is closest to the front of the device, and the microphone jack is located closer to the rear side.


NLS Cartridge Holder

The front face of Book Port DT contains a holder that accepts NLS cartridges or similar cartridges on which you may record. The connector inside the housing also accepts USB drives.

NLS Cartridge Holder

To place a cartridge into the player, place the cartridge on the table in front of the player with the finger hole in the cartridge closest to you. Slide towards the connector. If it does not fit, flip the cartridge over. It only goes in one way. Do not force it.

Before you can play content from NLS, you must authorize the player. See the User's Guide for details.


Book Port DT is fitted with a mask the hides several buttons.

Book Port DT with mask

It can be used to protect against accidental activation during travel, and it can hide features beyond basic functionality.

To remove the mask, grasp the tabs on the left and right side of the device toward the front. Lift and pull each side simultaneously away from the machine until the front side of the mask pulls free. The rear side should easily detach. Store it in a safe place.

Mask Tabs

Key Describer

Once the mask is removed, explore advanced features.

To learn the purpose of each key, locate the menu key, then hold it until BPDT says, "Key Describer On."

To find Menu, locate the line of four keys along the left side that run from front to back. The fourth key back, the one closest to the rear side of the device, is the Menu key.

Key Describer

In Key Describer Mode, you may press any key to learn its purpose. Instead of performing the function, the player announces the name of the key and provides brief usage details.

To return to normal operation, press and hold Menu again until the device says, "Key Describer Off."