What's new in Book Port Plus™

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.

This document explains how to update your Book Port Plus and lists the enhancements, corrections, and new features available in both software and firmware.


Firmware is what runs on Book Port Plus. It controls the behavior and characteristics of the device itself. The software , on the other hand, refers to the program that runs on your computer to help transfer content to Book Port Plus.

Firmware Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure your computer has a working internet connection.
  2. Connect Book Port Plus to your computer with the USB cable or insert Book Port Plus's SD card into a card reader on your computer.
  3. Download and install the latest version of Book Transfer software for the PC or Mac.
  4. If using Windows or Mac,
  5. If not using Windows or Mac, or if you prefer updating manually,
  6. Disconnect from the computer or remove the SD card from the card reader and return it to Book Port Plus. Book Port Plus responds that it is ready to update and instructs you to insert the AC adaptor.
  7. Insert the AC adapter to start the update. Note that the update can take over four minutes. Book Port Plus sounds its "busy" chime during the process.

Revision History

The following changes were made to the firmware and software.

Firmware Version 6.02, March 2016

Firmware Version 6.0, October 2013

Software version 2.x, February 2012

Firmware version 5.03, June 2011

Software version 2.0, June 2011

Firmware Version 4.5 (Erin) May 2010

APH's narrator talent, superior software, and processing capabilities make it possible to offer a new guide voice with each new version of software for your Book Port Plus. The new guide voice for version 4.5 is Erin Jones.

Users find the human guide voice adds personality to Book Port Plus. The features that add functionality include the following:

Software Version 1.2, May 2010

Firmware Version 4.1, February 2010

Software Version 1.1, February 2010

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