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Talking Typer (for iOS devices): Quick Start Guide


Add/Create New Students

  1. Select Admin button
  2. Select Students button
  3. Press the + (plus) sign in the upper-right corner of the screen
  4. Complete the Name and Password text fields
    Note: Passwords for students are optional.
  5. Tap Save and then OK

You may adjust the default settings for the Speed and Accuracy fields at this time, but it is not required. You may also elect to assign lessons or place a student in a group at this time.

Assigning Lessons

  1. Select Admin button
  2. Select Students button
  3. Choose the student from the list
  4. Select the Assign Default Lessons or Assign Custom Lessons button
  5. Choose lesson(s) to be assigned from the Lessons menu
  6. Press Done when finished
  7. Tap Save and then Ok

Taking a Lesson

  1. Select Lessons and Drills
  2. Select Lessons button
  3. Choose a lesson from the Lessons menu
  4. Tap in the text field to start the lesson

The student receives an auditory prompt of the letter, number, word, or word sequence and space (i.e., asdf, space). Type the sequence shown on the screen and press the space bar. A bell sounds when a correct sequence is completed; when an incorrect key is pressed, a buzz sounds and the rest of the sequence is spoken.

When all the sequences have been successfully completed or when the word Stop is tapped, a score is generated automatically. Press the Back button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to return to the Lessons menu.

Tips for lessons

Connecting a Keyboard

Talking Typer works with the onscreen keyboard of your Apple® device, but is intended primarily for use with an external keyboard. For help with connecting an external keyboard, consult the keyboard maker’s user guide for instructions.

Tip for audio settings

Further Information

For the latest information and more detailed instructions, refer to the Talking Typer User Guide at

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